If you've joined me here, you are ready to dive deep and discover

( and for some of you rediscover)  your secret sauce.

Belief in oneself and knowing who you are, I mean, that’s the foundation for everything great.
— Jay-Z ( American rapper, entrepreneur and investor)

You know brilliance lives inside of you and success is at the tip of your fingers but you just can't seem to get clear on your direction. You have so many amazing ideas its almost impossible to choose which lane to go in first, and which action steps to take next.  (Yup! I've definitely been here before.)


You find yourself struggling with things like:

  • Sales generation

  • Product Creation

  • Program Development & Design

  • Crafting a message that sounds and feels like YOUR unique voice

  • Wearing too many hats (you've crowned yourself Queen of all tasks)

  • Knowing your true value

  • Identifying your niche

  • …and knowing how to authentically market yourself

  • Confidence

  • Power & Presence

When you are clear about who you are, how you serve and the objectives to achieve your next level of success. That's where abundance, success, prosperity, happiness, comfort, confidence and freedom lives. Power Hours were created to be an interruption to you hamster wheel of mediocracy, to catapult you to self actualization and freedom. Let's grow.


It's time to activate your brilliance and walk into the doors of clarity. It's time to

Get Clear. Get in Action & Get Paid. 

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Power Hours are are ideal for speakers, artists, authors, coaches, ministers, visionary leaders, sales professionals, small business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and those looking to build their businesses successfully and become more visible in the marketplace. Power Hours are ONLY for those who need a little push and guidance. If you are in the beginning stages of building your business and brand and need a full launch plan and support, join me here for the "READY to LAUNCH BOOTCAMP"